Deadwood gun shop helps to give law enforcement specialized training with HD simulator

It's a heart-pounding situation, with high definition graphics and surround sound, shooting this plastic laser gun with a gun simulation program at Deadwood Guns is not your average target practice.
And while the shop offers training for the public, the Deadwood Police Department also trains there once in a while to practice sound judgment.
Gregory Vecchi says, "You bring the officers in, you load them up with the gun, we review their deadly force policy, and their shooting policy and then we put them in a scenario and they need to make a decision whether to shoot or not shoot and they have to explain to me why they did shoot or didn't shoot because in real life they would have to do that."
Through feedback, the officers can know exactly when they were legally able to shoot, how long it took them to make the decision, and they can see where the shot placement was.
Vecchi says because the simulation is so realistic, hitting a bullseye can be a difficult task for some.
"It's amazing under pressure, even though this is simulated, we have times where they'll shoot high or completely miss a target."
Vecchi has almost thirty years of military and FBI experience, so he says being able to pay it forward and help train officers in our area is a rewarding experience.
Vecchi also specializes in helping train those with concealed carry permits in South Dakota.
And while not everyone owns a firearm, guns are very common in South Dakota households, with one study showing they are in almost 60 percent of homes in our state.
John Ertman says, "In some ways after 9/11 people are more spooked by guns but they shouldn't be, a gun is a tool to me, it's not something to be scared of."
Whether you own a gun or not, this former FBI agent believes that guns can do more good than harm when carried by law-abiding citizens.
"And the bottom line is that there are millions and millions of guns out there, you can't change that no matter what laws you pass no matter what you do, you can't get those guns back and I think if you restrict people's rights to guns what's going to happen is you will have bad guns with guns and good guys without guns."