Court docs released and details emerge from Rush game incident

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The charges have been filed from an alleged incident that has stirred up deep emotions in the area.

Now details have emerged in court documents from the night of the reported racially-charged incident at a Rapid City Rush game last month which left a Philip man with a with a disorderly conduct charge filed by the City of Rapid City.

Nearly 100 pages coming from just two of the 170 interviews the Rapid City Police Department conducted after a man allegedly yelled racial slurs and spilled beer on a group of students from the American Horse School in Allen at a Rush hockey game.

The two interviews from two different chaperones from the school walked investigators from the beginning of the game to the third period, when the group abruptly left.

The controversy surrounds the skybox just above Section Q where the 57 students were sitting.

Early in the game, Justin Poor Bear, one of the chaperones, described the initial interaction with the group in the skybox as positive.
In the second period, Frisbees were being tossed to the crowd and Poor Bear says the people in the suite caught Frisbees and threw them down to the children, not in a way that was intentional or trying to cause harm to the kids.

But in the third period things changed, Poor Bear says he didn't see anything with his own eyes but Consuela Means, another chaperone, approached him with tears in her eyes stating, 'Those guys up there just poured beer on us.' Then she pointed at the suites.

Means, a witness to the incident, says she heard a man yell, 'Go back to the rez,' and urged the students to get loud because they're from the reservation.

The individual charged in this incident is Trace O'Connell of Philip.
That same court affidavit says O'Connell admitted to police that he was drinking beer and spilled some during the game.
The 41-year-old is charged with disorderly conduct and, if convicted, could face 30 days in jail and a $500 fine.

As of Thursday afternoon no court date has been set for Trace O'Connell.

Wednesday night, Trace O'Connell's attorney Patrick Duffy said his client did not spray or pour beer that night and did not say anything racist to anyone.
Duffy also said O'Connell has been getting death threats, and the situation got so bad Wednesday night that law enforcement had to take O'Connell and his family out of their home.