City to retain former FBI agent to investigate Code of Conduct complaint

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City officials announced Monday night that the Rapid City Council has agreed to retain a retired FBI agent to investigate a Code of Conduct complaint against Alderman Jerry Wright.

The city says Mark Pecora has 35 years of experience in law enforcement investigations.

Pecora was chosen to initiate the independent investigation into the complaint filed on Dec. 22. Former council member Ron Sasso told Black Hills FOX that day that he filed the complaint against Alderman Wright.

Sasso said, among other things, that Wright violated the city's code of conduct for elected officials by perjuring himself in an August deposition regarding a city lawsuit and that Wright had complained to Sasso's employer about a newspaper column Sasso had written that was critical of Wright. Wright would only say last month that the complaint had been filed and was in the hands of the council.

Pecora operates a private firm in Rapid City called Integrity International Investigations. Mayor Steve Allender expects Pecora to provide his findings to the council by the end of this month.