Chubby Chipmunk featured in 'Red, White and Chocolate' blog

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Deadwood, (KEVN-TV) The best chocolate spot in the Black Hills was part of a cross–country road trip that examines the people and companies that mold the U.S. chocolate experience.

It's called, Red, White and Chocolate.
Karen Bryant, a chocolatier and the executive director of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association, is on a two–month road trip to dig deeper into the sweet world of chocolate.
Friday, Bryant stopped by the Chubby Chipmunk to find out how the favorite retailer obtained the only Fortunato Number 4 chocolate license in the state and is one of only eight shops in the U.S. to sell it.

Executive Director of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association, Karen Bryant said, "It's a once thought to be extinct chocolate, cacao bean in Peru that was discovered by Dan Pearson and he's only able to make so much a year, chocolate out of this bean and so he licenses people to use this bean and only Mary in South Dakota."

Bryant will be blogging her chocolate experiences from across the country on