Central/Stevens celebrate graduation

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Reid Brost says, "It's a good feeling to know high school is over with and it's on to the next chapter of our lives."
Graduation isn't just a time of completion, it's a time of triumph as new beginnings unfold.
Hundreds of graduates from Rapid City Stevens and Rapid City Central high schools walked across the stage to receive their high school diploma but also to open up a new chapter in their book of life.
Hayley Franke says, "I'm really excited to move on with my life. It was such a big part of me, it went so fast, and it's a great honor to walk across the stage."
Whether it was a sea of red -- or a sea of blue -- these normally 'rival' schools had one theme in common today, celebrating what they've done -- and what they will do in the future.
For this Stevens senior and soon to be University of Nebraska student -- it also served as a time to reflect upon his favorite moments of high school.
Brost says, "Easily basketball games, I played basketball for Stevens and it was a really good experience for me."
For this 6 year Central High School alum, the motto 'Once a Cobbler Always a Cobbler' is the perfect way to explain how she feels about being home to speak to the graduates of her former high school.
Tomi Lahren says, "Something about being home and something about South Dakota -- something about Rapid City that's irreplaceable to me."
And she hopes this is what students were able to take out of her speech.
Tomi Lahren says, "Make yourself proud, first and foremost. Make your family proud. Never forget where you're from. You're not too good for anybody -- not too good for your town -- remember who you are, and the city that raised you."
And when asked 'what would you want next year's senior to remember, this is what Franke had to say.
Franke says, "Never settle, do your best, and keep moving forward."