Black Hills Habitat for Humanity recognized with World Habitat Day

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More than one thousand people are homeless in South Dakota, that's why Black Hills Habitat for Humanity helps families in need of a place to call home.

Monday was World Habitat Day, a time to recognize the need for affordable housing.
One family in Rapid City is awaiting a home of their own and says Black Hills Habitat for Humanity is helping to turn their lives around.

Noel Brown says, "We've never owned a home before, so it's new. We've lived in substandard housing in the past, so it's really a blessing from God to come about us, God is really blessing us."

And although six year old Brandon is excited for his own room, he's mostly excited about something else.

Brandon Brown says, "Getting a kitty cat, because our other house can't have a pet and a cat and a dog."

Black Hills Habitat for Humanity says they give families a hand up, not out.

Randy Creasman says, "There's no words that can describe the feeling and the emotion that when you see the look of gratitude and the love that family has on their face because they absolutely love their new home and that's going to be a home they're going to raise their family in and they're going to see their kids go off and go to college or get married and leave the home, but that's going to be a place they can live for the rest of their lives."

The Brown family can move into their new home at the beginning of February and it will be complete by the end of this year.