Bird Blitz has guests 'Raven'

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Wind Cave National Park, SD Wind Cave National Park was a hoot Saturday for tourists attending the Bird Blitz event.

Guests wouldn't stop 'raven' about the events the National Park service put on for the Bird Blitz today at Wind Cave.

Dan Roddy is the park biologist and said the events were designed to reach 'aviary' (every) experience level of bird watchers.

Roddy says, "We tried to design the activities to where we could meet all age groups there's a everything from bird box building where you can put together a bird box and take that home and there is also we will have some live raptor demonstrations on the front lawn here shortly."

Bird watchers travel from all around the hills to see over 100 species that migrate and live around Wind Cave.

Roddy says that this is an eggcellent way to get outdoors.

Roddy says, "Bird watching can be a life time interest, life time hobby and you can do it as little as you want or as much as you want. And the impact for the reasoning for today is to try and get people out enjoying birds, listening for birds, some are taking pictures of birds so its a good hobby to get interested in."

And this event even reaches out to the hatch-lings.
Young bird enthusiast Devin Buelher said it was a field trip that sparked his interests.

Buelher says, "I went on a field trip and I did a bird walk around Mickelson Trail and I saw some birds so my mom got the idea for coming here"

But entertainment wasn't the cardinal reason the park service chirped about the blitz.

Roddy says, "The reason for doing this is we are trying to get that master list of birds moving through in the spring and so by the end of the day we should have a pretty good idea of how many birds people have seen on the bird walks, sitting around listening, or like I say the experienced bird watchers in the back country."

Guests flew away with plenty of information to develop a Talon for bird watching and the park services will continue to grow it's list on birds living in the area during the spring.