Belle Fourche school district takes stand against bullying

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There was a sea of orange Wednesday in the South Park Elementary parking lot in Belle Fourche.
Black Hills FOX reporter Eliana Sheriff explains why hundreds of kids all showed up wearing the same color Wednesday.

'United We Stand' is what 550 students from the Belle Fourche School District gathered in a human formation to spell out.
And the kids were on board with the message.
'Never bully, never bully, never!'
The demonstration at the school was part of National Unity Day Against Bullying.
"It isn't just one day, it is something that we work on all the time but it's something that's nice to recognize how many nice students we have and how many great things we have happen here."
It's the first year the school has made such a statement... Roberts says students should always include others and treat others how they'd like to be treated.
She says bullying and teasing are sometimes misunderstood, and that understanding what bullying is will help people stand against it.
Roberts says, "Bullying is definitely something that truly is persistent, that is happening over and over and I think sometimes that's a part of the definition people don't understand."
An aerial flyover captured the message and the photos illustrate a success.
Cal Erhart, the transportation coordinator for the Belle Fourche School District, says he hopes today leaves a lasting impact on the kids.
Erhart says, "If we can save one or two kids from committing suicide because of bullying that's worth a million times this."
Several businesses in the community got involved to make the event happen, as well as the pilots who donated their time and fuel to do the flyover.