Artist reveals progress on Sculpture Project

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After another summer of countless hours turning stone into works of art Masayuki Nagase revealed this year's progress on The Sculpture Project.

The Passage of Wind and Water is the project surrounding Main Street Square that Nagase has been working on for the past two summers. So far, eight stones in the multi-year, $2 million project have been completed. Nagase says, much to his surprise, this year's work on the project felt a lot easier than his rookie year.

Nagase says, "I know what it to be like and weather was so harsh. Just a little surprisingly with early snow, but nothing wrong. And I know many people already, and they are very supportive and are very encouraged to do this."

This year's artwork was inspired by the Badlands. Nagase will return to town to resume carving the Black Hills-themed stones along Sixth Street in June.