American Horse School reacts to charge

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Some people at a meeting at American Horse School Wednesday say they were shocked when they heard only one misdemeanor charge was filed, against only one person.

School board member Justin Poor Bear says, "We feel there was injustice. Upset. Anger. A lot of anger. We feel like there was nothing done to help us."

School business manager Suzanne White Lance says, "What's really hard for me is that it feels like our children keep getting victimized by the system and by all the stuff in the press. It's really been a struggle to just keep finding positing things about this whole process to share with them."

The superintendent and principal at American Horse say they have been gratified by the support the students have received.
They have a wall of cards and letters they say have come in from all over the world.

Gloria Coats–Kitsopoulos says, "One of the picture up there, I think is very unique. It's from Vermillion, South Dakota, East River. It's a whole group, church group that says they are all our children. And I think that sdays it all to everyone. These 50 children, 57 children, they're all our children. Not brown, not black, not yellow. They're all our children."

Thursday afternoon, we received a copy of a letter from Oglala Sioux Tribe president John Yellow Bird Steele to President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder asking for a Justice Department investigation into what the tribal president describes as "racial harassment".