All Aboard for Train Appreciation Day

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Hill City, SD It was all aboard the 1880's train Saturday in Hill City, tickets were free to all active duty military and residents in honor of train appreciation day.

Tickets were sold out for weeks as residents and military members crowded the boarding area to take a train ride to Keystone.

The event also celebrated the winner of the "Name that Train" contest.

The winner had the honor of naming the newly refurbished car that made it's debut ride today.

Battle Creek was the winning selection paying homage to the creek running close to the tracks.

Holli Edwards said there was a lot that went into the selection of the new name.

Edwards says, "The board of directors looked at each of the names and then the story associated with each. Each person that submitted a name attached a little reasoning behind you know why they want their name to be selected. So they looked at those closely and also just how it fit in with the rest of our car names and the fleet and just how it fit in with the history of our area."

The new train car will add an additional 60 seats for the special event trains that will start rolling out this summer.