Advocates for Marcy's Law hope to chance criminal justice system

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Rapid City, (KEVN-TV) The state of South Dakota is one of the weakest in the nation when it comes to crime victims' rights.
One group is hoping their most recent actions will lead to a change in the criminal justice system.

Marsy's Law for South Dakota is an organization composed of citizens and victims' rights advocates.
The group recently filed petitions to place an initiated constitutional amendment on the November 2016 General Election ballot.
Nearly 53,000 signatures were submitted to the Secretary of State, well in excess of the 27,741 petition signatures required.
Marsy's Law would expand the rights of crime victims in a way that would be enforceable by a court of law.

Jason Glodt, Marsy's Law for South Dakota said, "We do have some existing rights for crime victims but they're limited in scope, they only apply to victims of crimes of violence and in addition to that, victims of simple assault, or a domestic relationship or someone that has been injured in a drinking and driving accident, and we would expand those rights to all victims of all crimes."

Advocates say it would give victims and their families the right to receive notification of proceedings for criminal cases, and timely notifications about changes to the offender's custodial status.
The group says they are humble to receive such a great amount of support.
They say signature validation is the next step in the process.