71st annual Easter Sunrise Celebration attracts hundreds to Mount Rushmore

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It's known by some as the Shrine of Democracy, where four faces that shaped our nation are carved into the Earth.
Mount Rushmore is an internationally known symbol of freedom.
But Sunday morning folks visited the National Memorial for a very different reason, to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the new life and hope the day gives those of Christian faith.
And despite it being a chilly and early morning.
"We shoveled three hours yesterday to get this cleared out for everybody."
Hundreds gathered to pray and express their gratitude for their Lord and Savior.
Jodie McClure says, "It's a real neat opportunity for tourists, and locals that want to be part of something a little bit larger maybe, than their own churches."
The crowd enjoyed music sung by the Sunrise Choir as well as bells that were rung by the Sunrise Bell Choir.
Eliana Sheriff says, "What was it like playing in front of that big crowd?"
Cheyanne Burke says, "It was a little scary."
Jacie Debries says, "It was really fun."
John DeGroff says, "I think it's a sign of the importance of Easter to Christian people that they would get up this early on a Sunday morning. This is the greatest single event in history, the death, burial, and Resurrection of our Lord, it's the greatest theme of the Bible."

The 71st annual Easter Sunrise celebration is hosted by the Hermosa United Church of Christ and the Keystone Congregational United Church of Christ.

John DeGroff says, "If people haven't done it before, to come out and watch the sun rise on the faces, and be together with people of like precious belief on an Easter morning they don't know what they're missing."