Yellow Jackets host first round of the Stampede

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We're going to duck out to the Seven Down Arena for the first night of the annual Yellow Jacket Stampede.
First rider in the bareback, Midplains Community College Rowdy Moon going to work, a nice ride, until the bronc looses its footing, or hoofing. Judges would give him the reride.
Later in the perfromances, Cody Brown from Iowa Lakes Community College. He'll pick up a 72 for his efforts.
To the breakaway roping and Black Hills State's Carlee Johnston with a terrific run, 3-and-3 to take the lead in the performance.
NDSU's Hayley Johnson trying to run her down, but doesn't quite get it done. 5-flat.
The Yellow Jacket Stampede continues tomorrow with performances at 1 and 7 o'clock.