Wall's season ends with the 54-0 shutout against Castlewood

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There's no margin remaining for error.
I'm Jamie Zepp, alongside the cat's meow... Taylor Kauffman.
The Wall Eagles have purred through the regular season, cruising to a 9-0 record.
Tonight, however, the Eagles would host a team with just one loss on the season, 8-and-1 Castlewood.
And that game leads off this playoff edition of the Friday Night Blitz.

Out to a cold one at Wall, #3 Eagles hosting #6 Castlewood.

Scoreless at the start of this one, and there's some trouble for Wall early. Jacob Bielmaier takes the snap, and is brought down by Caleb DeKam and Brandon Benike for the loss of yards.

Then, the Eagles on the 2nd and 15, Bielmaier pitches it to Trey Elshere, who picks up nearly 30 big yards for Wall, but the Eagles couldn't keep it going.

Later, Wall on the 4 yard line, and Elshere is tackled in the end zone for the safety for Castlewood. The Warriors lead by 2.

Castlewood now, 1st and 10 at the 47... Benike hands off to DeKam, and he runs it up the side - 52 yards! Into the end zone for the touchdown. The extra point puts the Warriors in the 9-nothing lead. Castlewood wins with the upset, as Wall's season comes to an end 54-0.