Wall holds off Oelrichs charge

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District 14-B is our next stopping place,
Oelrichs and Wall squaring off in the state tournament chase.
Oerlichs jumping out to an early lead,
Jason Long Soldier with the putback showing his basketball breed.
Marcell Swiftwater wants in on the act,
So he drives to the basket to make his attack,
He battles hard up to the rim,
Chalk up two points on the stat sheet for him.
The Tigers keep pushing, showing their claws,
Dalton Crow launching a three without pause.
Nails the shot, from the land of the sticks,
As Oelrichs opens its lead up to six.
Wall on the move trying to keep the Tigers at bay,
Hoping not to let this game slip away,
Carter Elshere feeds teammate Allan McDonnell,
He'll hit the jumper without so much as a bobble.
The Tigers keep pressing turning up the heat, ever hotter,
As Oelrichs gets the three from Marcell Swiftwater.
The Tigers feeling foot loose and fancy free,
With Oelrichs up seven but Wall takes it by three.