Torve heads the Hardhats

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The Post 22 ball club is whole once more, following Wednesday's announcement of the hiring of Kelvin Torve as the team's new head coach.
And while there may be a new face in the varsity dugout this summer, don't expect the club's approach to change.
But sometimes you have to take a step backward to take a leap forward. Enter, new Hardhat head coach Kelvin Torve.
Torve says, 'I've played baseball quite a bit after I left Post 22, so I've got an experience out there as far as a player's concerned. I've coached in North Carolina for 25 years. And so, just as far as the baseball experience, you know, I think I bring a little bit to the table.'
Experience would be an understatement. We'll let new Post 22 general manager Wayne Sullivan fill in the blanks.
Sullivan says, 'One, he graduated from the Post 22 program. He played at Oral Roberts University, at the time, it was a Division One program. And then, onto the Bigs, the highest level you can play. Played for the Mets, the Twins, San Francisco. And, to me, the character of Coach Torve, right away, he was an easy decision.'
Torve takes over shortly after another Post 22 product assumed the reins of the program across the parking lot when longtime Hardhat assitant Rich Downs was named head coach at Post 320.
Torve says, 'Rapid City's a baseball town. And we have two good Legion programs. I mean, not many towns can boast of that. So, I look forward to working with Rich.'
Sullivan says, 'I've talked to Rich Downs. And, he and I will meet. I think we should get four games against each other. I think we should get two home, two away. Rapid City baseball stands out in the state of South Dakota. And what a better thing than both programs playing for a state title.'
The former Major Leaguer now takes over the Legion program where he once played, but has no plans to reinvent the wheel that helped him make his way to 'The Show'.
Torve says, 'Our mission statement here is forging strong young men through the game of baseball. And that's what we're about. '
Despite this summer's disappointing finish, not only will the approach remain the same... so will the program's goals.
Sullivan, 'Our expectation every year is to win a state title, win the regions and go to the World Series. So, that's our expectation. It won't every waver. So, those are things that he knows, and he and I have talked about. So, our bar is as high as you can set it.'>