The Rapid City Rush go 0-2 after Saturday loss to Allen

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The Rapid City Rush didn't start the season the way they hoped, giving up 8 goals in Friday's game against Allen.
But Saturday, the Rush had the chance to get some redemption in game 2.

Head coach Daniel Tetrault and the Rapid City Rush scoreless against Allen starting off the 1st period of play.
And the Rush get on the board first. Gustav Bouramman passes to Alex Guptill for the short-rnage goal 3-and a half minutes into the contest. The Rush take the 1-nothing lead.

Allen's Alex Schoenborn look to even the score with the long shot, but Christian Frey get the save.

On the same shift, Allen keeps the puck at that end, and Zach Pochiro takes off toward the goal, and sneaks the puck by Frey to get the goal. The game's now tied at 1.

Later in the 1st, Allen on the break-away. Pochiro to Olivier Archambault, and he nets a 2nd goal for the Americans as Allen takes the 2-1 lead.

Allen back at it, Schoenborn fires the shot, it's saved by Frey, but Tanner Eberle is there for the put-back in the final 6 seconds of the period.
Allen took home the win, 5-3 the final score.