The Hardrockers fall to UCCS, 95-85 in overtime

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In more basketball action, we go out to the School of Mines as the Hardrockers host the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs.

Konor Kulas going to work on the defensive end, as the 6-foot-7 senior opens up the first half with a big block.

Mountain Lions' Elijah Ross is left open for the long 2 - this would be the first field goal for either team, coming a minute-and-a-half into play.

Kulas again, this time on the offensive end. He takes the ball in, and the up-and-under move has his man on the floor! Kulas misses the left-hand hook shot, but crashes the board for the put back. Wow!

The Mountain Lions aren't going away. Ross passes it off this time, getting it to Justin Smith for 3.

More from the Hardrockers here. Troy Whiteto II at the line. He made his first freethrow, the second bounced high off the rim. He snags the loose rebound, and soars over everyone for the put-back.

This game went into overtime, where the Mountain Lions came up with the win, 95-85 the final score.