State swim meet hits town this weekend

The South Dakota Swimming Championships hit Rapid City today, bringing over 400 swimmers from around the state to the Roosevelt Swim Center over three days. The event runs through Sunday with swimmers from age 6 up to age 20.

Cropped Photo: USA Swimming / Facebook

One of the meet organizers, Joel Kincart, says that while competitive swimming isn't exactly the first thing South Dakotans think of when it comes to a spectator sport there will be plenty of competition, food and fun this weekend and best of all, admission is free.

Kincart said, "But on the very high end we have swimmers that are competing in the Futures meet, which is for the smallest, the top percentage swimmers in the country, we had swimmers last week that are over the age of 12 that competed last week in a sectional meet, that are probably in the top 4 percent of swimmers in their age groups, so a little bit of everything ... we've got food trucks providing concessions all weekend, so its free admissions, you can come out have some food, have some lunch, watch some swimming. Competitive swimming isn't something that people often think about in South Dakota but we have over 13-hundred swimmers in the state and ova third of them are represented here competing for state championships."

The meet will wrap up around 5 on Sunday with the half-mile swim.