Spearfish baseball gears up for summer

Published: May. 22, 2020 at 9:25 PM MDT
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Spearfish Post 164 is back in Class A this season, one that was still an uncertainty just a matter of days ago ... and head coach Isaac Taylor's squad is looking to take advantage of the opportunity.

Isaac Taylor said, "We're able to get out here and its just been great. I mean, it's just the best feeling in the world."

Alec Sundsted said, "Oh I was ecstatic. My dad told me and I was like, I just I didn't even know how to speak because I was just like, wow, I actually have a baseball season? This is going to be awesome. I'm actually going to get to do something with my summer and baseball is my favorite sport, is has always been my favorite sport and it was just a great feeling when I heard that we were going to have a season this year."

Spearfish enters the summer of 2020 without a ton of experience but plenty of camaraderie and arms.

Taylor said, "I would definitely say the strength of the team is cohesiveness, these guys have been playing together since they were little, man, so they've got a lot of knowledge with each other. One thing we could work on is just knowing the situation that we're in, obviously A ball is going to be a little faster a little bit different, so the better we're going to be mentally prepared for that the better we'll be physically prepared for it."

A big part of that mental preparation is simply the desire to battle ... through an at-bat, a game or any other adversity that gets thrown Post 164's way ...

Sundsted said, "We're looking pretty good. We're really young but we're fighters and I feel like we'll have a good season if we just keep our minds straight and just work hard all year, I feel like we'll be a pretty good team."

Spearfish anticipates tougher competition in Class A this season after playing Class B team last year ... they'll open their season June 3rd against the Rapid City Post 22 Expos in Spearfish with a doubleheader.

Taylor said, "Obviously it's going to be a little bit better competition, but you've got to play the team in front of you to win, it doesn't matter how good or bad they are you've got to come to play ready to play every single day. That's how we're taking it, we're not looking at it as a potential bad season or good season type of thing, we're just going to play the team in front of us and play as hard as we can."

That playing won't be quite as often this summer with the pandemic altering schedules and rosters around the state ... but Spearfish will put together as many games, and opportunities, as it can.

Taylor said, "I've been scrambling to get games in, right now we've got about 25 games and three tournaments, including the one that we host here, so there will be a lot of baseball to play, but it won't be nearly as much as an entire season, but we'll get a lot of games in and the kids will get better and get ready for next year when we can get a whole season in."

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