Sioux Falls wins Little League District Championship

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Out to the Little League District championship game. Fargo up against Sioux Falls, the winner advances to Indy.
Scoreless in the bottom of the 1st. Cohen Henry up to bat for Sioux Falls, and he sends the ball way out, and it's gone! Over the fence in center field. Henry rounds the bases to put Sioux Falls in the early 1-0 lead.

Later in the first, Mason Riley takes the plate with runners in scoring position. He knocks it through the gap into left field. Griffin Wilde and Marcus Phillips come in to score on the 2RBI single. Sioux Falls leads by 3.

On to the 4th inning, still 3-nothing Sioux Falls. Fargo looking to chip away as Cole Hebl comes up to bat. The lefty grounds it up the 3rd baseline, and Landon Dauner comes in to score, cutting Sioux Falls' lead to 2.

Fargo down to their last out in the 6th inning, and Mason Riley who brought in the winning runs, gets Andrew Dullum to go down swinging. Sioux Falls wins the District championship, and is heading to Indy! 3-1 the final score.