Sioux Falls O'Gorman wins Boys Class AA State Title

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No. 1 Sioux Falls O'Gorman and no. 7 Aberdeen Central battling for the Boys Class AA State Title.

Scoreless in the first quarter, Aberdeen working the ball around the perimeter. 6-foot-7, Cole Bergan shows off his range as he pulls up and knocks down the 3 to start things off.

The Knights answer on the next possession. The ball swings around to senior, Matt Cartwright, who takes it in, pulls up and hits the floater.

More from O'Gorman as Cartwright passes it off this time, getting it to JP Costello who takes it in and finishes with the reverse lay up.

The Knights on the in bounds. Costello hands it off to Matt Cartwright who has all the time in the world - he sets up and hits the 3.

The Knights get the steal on the very next possession. Matt Cartwright bringing the ball up the court, pulls up and drains another big 3, and the place just erupts! Sioux Falls O'Gorman goes up by 7.

Aberdeen not giving up. Christian Goetz gets the ball and takes it in for the lay up.
Sioux Falls O'Gorman wins the Class AA State Title, 69-57 the final score.