Scoopers outpace Hot Springs

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Out to Sturgis, the Scoopers looking to corral the Bison of Hot Springs.
Sturgis up 7-0, looking for more, Gavin West rolls out tries to find the open man but keeps it himself and scores to make it 14-nothing Scoopers.
More from Sturgis, Noah Wamsher going around the end for the big gain, but that drive will stall.
Sturgis trying to overpower Hot Springs, the give to Joel Carpenter who steamrolls up the middle for the Sturgis first down, but again, the Scoopers come up empty.
Hot Springs having some troubles solving the Scooper defense, but not here, Morgan Harkless pump fakes and sends it down range and Thane Lockhart makes the nice catch, but the Bison can't capitalize on the drive.
Sturgis wins it 33 to 7.