Scoopers cruise to duel win

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While most area teams will wait until tomorrow to hit the mats to open the high school wrestling season, the Sturgis Scoopers and Belle Fourche Broncs were not two of them.
Thursday, the two squared off in Rally Town.
Pick it up at 138 pounds and Belle Fourche trying to find some momentum.
Caden Wolfe against Sturgis junior Carl Nash, Nash goes for the takedown, but nice work by Wolfe to roll through to get the takedown on the elder Nash.
Later in the match, Wolfe with some nice work, coming up with the slick duck under for another two points.
He must have picked that up from assistant coach Josh Schleushner. Happy birthday, Slice!
But the match would belong to Nash, as Wolfe gets a little too high and Nash gets the reversal, rolling up the young Bronc and eventually picking up the pin.
Off to 145 pounds, Belle Fourche eighth grader Cade Bickerdyke against Sturgis freshman Wren Jacobs. Jacobs scoops up the arms, turns his Bronc opponent and gets the stick.
Now to 152 pounds, Sturgis senior Bailey Brengle dominant against sophomore Chase Bickerdyke. Brengle locks in the chickenwing and steps up over to pick up the pin.
Sturgis powers to the duel win.