Rushmore knocked out by Fargo in the Little League District semi-final

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Little League baseball action continued Sunday, as Rushmore went up against Fargo to see who will advance to the Championship game on Monday.

Fargo got the big 7-1 lead early in this game, but Rushmore has a shot at a come back here in the 5th inning. Davin Blake pops the sac fly up to shallow right. Spencer Johannesen scores. There's a Fargo error, and that allows Kai Jackson to come in and score as well. Rushmore cuts Fargo's lead to 4.

And Peyton Tipton looks to add too it now with the bases cleared. And he hits the ball out of the park in left field. He rounds the bases, gives his dad a high five as he comes in for his 28 home run of the season to bring Rushmore within 3.

Ean Druce takes the plate now with 2 outs. Druce grounds to third, and Fargo goes to first for the out to end Rushmore's run.

To the top of the 6th, and Fargo adds to its lead. Jason Maciejczak deals to Andrew Dullum, the ball gets away from the catcher, and Jobe Freier scores from third.

Fargo gets the win, 9-4 to advance to the Championship game against Sioux Falls tomorrow.

The Rushmore team is eliminated from the District Tournament as result, but Rushmore manager Scott Tipton believes the impact from his team will carry on.

Scott Tipton says, 'We talked about how this is their last game on the field, which they knew. We just wanted to let them know that we're starting a new legacy on this field. For Rushmore Little League to be a proud Little League in town in Rapid City. This team has worked very hard throughout the year. We've battled through the tournaments. Little League baseball; sometimes you win the battle, and sometimes you lose the battle. I know these guys play with more heart than I've seen in a long time. I'm very proud of this group.'