Rush hand reins to Tetrault

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After a dismal 26-win season, the Rapid City Rush decided to make a change on the bench, firing head coach Mark DeSantis.
Thursday, that position was filled and Taylor Kauffman is live from the Civic Center Ice Arena with the new bench boss for the Rapid City Rush. Taylor?

After two years in a row without a post season, the rush decided it was time for a change. And here he is! The new head coach for the rapid city rush, Daniel Tetrault
He's here with me right now. Coach, first, welcome to Rapid City. We're four months out from the start of the season - how eager are you to get things going?

You're now the 3rd coach the team has seen since it was formed in 2008. What's your message for the Rapid City Rush fans, and what's your message to your team?