Rapid City Stevens beats Central in Thursday night football

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The end isn't near... it's here.
With a special Thursday night edition of the Friday Night Blitz, I'm Jamie Zepp, alongside the peanut butter and the jelly Taylor Kauffman.

The Stevens Raiders have played a strong season, coming into this final week of the regular season as the fifth-ranked team in the state.
Tonight, the Raiders squared off against rival Central, looking to topple their cross town rivals. And that game leads off this Thursday edition of the Friday Night Blitz.

It's always a great atmosphere when these two teams go head to head. Tonight at O'Harra Stadium, Stevens leading Central 6-nothing in the 2nd quarter, and looking to add to it.
From the middle of the field, Raiders' Teigen Heckel goes long to Alex Weaver for the big 23 yard gain.

Later in the drive, Heckel connects with the sophomore Michael Norman in the end zone for the touchdown. The extra point puts Rapid City Stevens in the 13-nothing lead.

Central now, Jordan Ladson carries the ball 17 yards to the 11 yard line. The Cobblers would get it down to the 2, and Stevens would take over on downs.

Later, Central with the ball again with 11 seconds left in the half...
Ladson takes the snap, and Brian Petereit brings him down for the sack. Everyone thinks that's the end of the half, but wait!
The refs put 7 seconds back on the clock, and Stevens has one play.

Heckel goes to the air and gets picked off by Carter Deming! Deming takes off, breaks a couple tackles and is home free for the touchdown to end the half! Central puts up 7 on the final play...

But the 2nd half was all Stevens as the Raiders get the win, 41-7.