Rangers roll past Irrigators

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Out to Hill City the Rangers squaring off against the Newell Irrigators.
2nd quarter of play, Rangers up 32-nothing and looking for more.
Noah Krull takes the snap, rolls left, pulls up to throw for a second, thinks better of it, then takes matters into his own hands. 38 yards for the touchdown.
Newell trying to stop the bleeding, Brock Kjellson finds a big hole up the middle breaks a few ankles, then turns on the jets for the Irrigators first touchdown of the season.
Undaunted, the Rangers go back to work, Krull tries the right side, breaks a couple tackles and will set up his club at the five yard line.
Couple plays later, Krull thinks about throwing, but pulls it down and blows in for his third touchdown of the evening. 46-to-7 just before half.
Hill City doesn't look back as they roll 60-to-7