Raiders engineer upset of top-ranked Cobblers

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The Cobbler-Raider rivalry has had some exceptional chapters over the years, but this year's boys' version took on quite a bit more significance as the Cobblers came into tonight's match-up as the number one ranked team in the state. The Raiders? Number two.
In the words of U-F-C referee Mike McCarthy: Are you ready?! Are you ready?! Let's get it on!
1st quarter of action, Cobblers on the move early, Dylan Hay strokes the three and the Cobblers are up four.
Later, more from Central, Kailleb Walton-Blanden to Camden Talley down low for the two.
Stevens counters, Cooper Bowman to Dawson Paulsen for the three. And he's pumped.
Raiders heating up, Hay gets stripped, Josh Schumacher takes it the distance but the heads up late feed to Bowman for the finish underneath.
Stevens continuing to press, Paulsen misses, but check this out, Trey Eberlein with the gorgeous behind-the-back kick out to Connor King for the big three!
Cobblers try to pick it back up, Walton-Blanden over to Hay who hits the pull-up jumper.
But the Raiders would not be denied, King drives, hangs and hits the double-clutch shot.
Stevens takes down their top-ranked cross-town rivals. Final Score 57 to 53.