Post 320 falls to Gillette

Out to Pete Lien Field we go and it was a nice night for a little baseball. First-year head coach Rich Downs giving a little instruction there.

And here we are in the fifth inning and a Gillette baserunner gets caught in a rundown between third and home and the Stars execute this one well to get the out and get out of the inning, unfortunately they were down 14-4 when it happened.

Bottom of the fifth and the Stars need runs to keep from getting 10-run ruled and Dillon Martin ropes one to the gap in left-center to score Dawson Penticoff and ensure at least another inning.

Next up we've got Camden Nayman and he takes this pitch the opposite way into right field to drive in Martin and 320 is down 14-8.

The Stars rallied to make this one a ball game from there but Gillette held on to take the 16-14 win in Game 1.