Post 22 drops 320

Out to Pete Lien Field for a showdown between Rapid City Post 320 and Rapid City Post 22 and 22 pitcher Dylan Richey getting a little encouragement from his team early.

Here Jack Sorensen lofts a sacrifice fly to left to knock in Connor King for the first run of the game and the only run of the first four innings. Post 22 with the early 1-0 lead that looked like it might hold with the way Richey was dealing early.

The Hardhat starter fans Stars leadoff hitter Zane Salley here.

But Camden Nayman gets a little payback with a single off of Richey's backside that forces shortstop Cooper Bowman into a rushed throw.

Here Richey freezes 320's Ian Krump.

But 320's Grayson Skinner lofts a pitch into right-center and 22's King gives it his all but can't come up with the catch on this single to put runners on the corners. Unfortunately for the Stars, it didn't amount to any runs as Richey coaxed a fly ball out of the next Stars hitter to end the inning.

And we close with an all-state play by an all-state player as Bowman ranges to his right and makes a perfect throw to get Nayman here.

Post 320 hung five runs on Richey in the bottom of the fifth to take a 5-4 lead but Post 22 came back with four runs in the top of the seventh inning to take a 9-6 lead and ended up winning 21-6.