PRCA takes over Stock Show

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We've reached the final stretch of the Black Hills Stock Show and now the pace starts to pick up.
Thursday, the P-R-C-A rodeo took center stage once more with some pretty recognizable faces.
We'll hang out for the Bareback, and fast forward to the back half of the performance.
Utah Mason Clements and company chasing an 83. Clements with a solid ride, gives himself a chance at a trip to the pay window with a ride of 80.
Cowley, Wyoming's JR Vezain with another solid effort, he'll tie Clements at number two with a score of 80.
Rapid City's Shane O'Connell, sitting 3rd in the World Standings early in the year. This will help his case. He'll hang tough to the eight second buzzer and notches an 80-point-5 to move him into second.
But Big Piney, Wyoming's Chance Ames would wedge himself into that number two spot as he powers through the eight seconds, picking himself up a score of 81.
PRCA Rodeo action continues Friday night.