O'Gorman Lady Knights win the Class AA State Title

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And here we have number-1 Harrisburg up against number-7 Sioux Falls O'Gorman for the Class AA Girls' State Title.

Harrisburg leads 2-nothing in the 1st quarter, but O'Gorman's Sebastian Akoi starts off hot. She gets the ball on the low block, turns around and sinks the shot.
Moments after, and here's Akoi again. Ashlee Beacom feeds her, she feels out her defender, and knocks down another bucket.

Harrisburg answering back. Bailey Pickering pulls up for 3, it doesn't go, but Sami Slaughter is there for the offensive board, and the put-back.

More from Sioux Falls O'Gorman as the Lady Knights respond. Ashlee Beacom drives in from the top of the key and finishes with the left-handed lay up.

The Knights on the attack, and guess who? It's Sebastian Akoi again. McKenzie Hermanson feeds her at the same spot, and she gets the bucket. Sebastian Akoi finished the day with 18 points.

The Tigers still clawing at the score though. Mac Mertz inbounds to Junior, Autumn Steffen and she sinks the 3.
This game would head to overtime, but number-7 Sioux Falls O'Gorman took home the Class AA Girls State Title, upsetting Harrisburg 53-48.