Mitchell eliminates Post 22 from the state tournament

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Post 22 had quite a season this year. Unfortunately, the State Tournament has given the Hardhats some trouble, not able to score the way they have all season.
Saturday, the double deuces took the field for potentially their last game of the year.

Out to Fitzgerald as the Hardhats take on Mitchell to stay alive in the State tournament.
Scoreless in the bottom of the 1st. Zach Solano takes the plate with 2 outs, and sends the pitch back up the middle. He'd make it to first in time for Walker Paz to score. The Hardhats take the early 1-nothing lead.

Top of the 2nd, same score. Zach Chiolis pitching for 22. He goes to Luke Ferdinand at 1st - catching the runner off the bag. Ferdinand gets it to Bowman for the tag out to end the inning. The Hardhats still leading by 1.

But Mitchell is just getting going here in the top of the 3rd. Mitchell's Jed Schmidt knocks the pitch over Walker Paz's head into center field earning an RBI as Elijah Pommer wheels around for the game-tying run.

More from Post 18 as Spencer Neugebauer takes the plate next for Mitchell, and he smacks it into shallow right. Briggs Havilk comes into score as Mitchell takes the 2-1 lead.

Now 3-1 Mitchell as we head to the top of the 4th inning, Holden Jackson comes in to pitch for Post 22 with the bases loaded and 1 out. Post 18's Schmidt hits to Bowman, and he throws to Walker Paz for the beautiful double-play to end the inning.
But, Post 22 wouldn't be able to come back in this one, and that's the end of the season for the Hardhats, 5-4 Mitchell wins it to advance in the tournament.

Post 22 is now knocked out of the tournament, and as of last check, Pierre had the 13-6 lead over Aberdeen, so it looks like it will be Mitchell taking on Pierre for the State Legion Title Sunday at 2:00. If Mitchell gets the win, then the teams will play again at 5:00, the winner goes home a champion.