Mines coach using weather as a teacher

The unpredictable spring weather has been wreaking havoc on all sorts of sports and spring football is no exception. While the snow won't often be reason to call off a practice when the regular season rolls around ... it has thrown an occasional wrench into things for spring ball.

But Mines head coach Zach Tinker sees the uncertainty as something that can be turned into a positive. After all, the way he sees it, you're going to get thrown plenty of curve balls once the season rolls around too and there's no reason not to get used to bouncing back sooner rather than later.

Tinker says, "It's affected us a little bit. you can't really control Mother Nature ... she has her own plans. But I like it, in the sense that it keeps your team on its toes a little bit. That's kind of like seasons and like games ... things happen and you adjust, things happen and you adjust so we're learning that skill, how to adapt and adjust and do what we need to do in order to get the work done that we need to get done."

The weather wiped out this weekend's Bauer Invitational track and field meet at Mines ... forcing the track team to head to Golden, Colorado to take part in a meet there instead ... but things are looking better for next weekend's spring football game and youth camp being hosted by the Hardrockers at Dunham Field.