Local business steps up to the plate for Special Olympian

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Last week, Taylor Kauffman introduced you to Josh Gilbert, a Rapid City Special Olympian who has been selected to compete on the U-S National Special Olympic softball team next summer.
Shortly after the story aired, the ownership of the Flags 'N Wheels amusement park offered to better prepare Josh for his competition next summer.
Josh says, 'Thank you very much.'
Taylor says, 'How awesome is that going to be, Josh?'
Josh says, 'It's going to be very awesome.'
Taylor says, 'You won't have to throw up and pitch to yourself all the time.'

Josh says, 'Nope, I don't have to throw up and pitch to myself all the time.'
Steve says, 'You can hit, catch, throw, whatever benefits you the most. We look forward to seeing you, and, go Cubs.'
Josh says, 'Thanks.'>
Josh will compete with his fellow Special Olympians the first week of July in Seattle.