Local boxer prepares for international competition

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Marle Wendland boxes at 152 and is the number 2 ranked boxer in the nation. Earlier this month she was invited to train with the top athletes in the nation at the Olympic training center.

Marle Wendland says, ' I was really nervous the first few days and had a hard time adjusting to the ways of teaching and the styles. After the first week I got more comfortable and it was a great learning experience.'

The good news didn't stop there as Wendland has been invited to be the only boxer in her weight class from the United State for an upcoming international bout.

Marle says, 'I was so excited then I got really nervous, I'm still really nervous ... there will be lots of countries and I've never competed in anything like it before. But I am ready to work hard and do my best.

Stoney Kilmer says, ' An amazing feeling to know all the hard work she has put in, I've put in these hours training her. The fact that she can go for a gold medal and represent the United States of America. That's a huge honor.'

The honor and pride left her parents swelling with pride, and emotions.

Marle says, ' My dad cried he was in the restaurant crying after I flew out of Rapid the first time. Yeah they were proud.'

This has been a goal for Marle since she began boxing and shows no matter where you come from you can achieve your goals.

Marle says, ' I'm from a small gym in Spearfish, SD so it is really cool to compete nationally and represent the United States.'

Kilmer says, ' It says a lot for just this area just to make people realize if you have some vision you can accomplish things lets be real about it, it isn't given to you it comes with hard-work.

Wedland has been working hard as she runs every morning, trains, and lifts 3 times a week.

Kilmer says, ' She's in great shape she went down to the Olympic training center and she was in just as good of shape as any girl down there.'

Despite the success, the goals of Summer Olympics 2020 Wedland has stayed grounded on where she likes to be. and where she came form.

Marle says, ' It means a lot I'm excited to represent S.D. and show everyone that just because we're from a small town it doesn't mean we can't compete with the best. home is home"

Good luck to Marle Wedland in her upcoming tournament. I'm Jeff Voss Black Hills Fox News.