Live with Jared Vasquez at the State Tournament

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After another day full of State basketball action we are finally nearing the end of the madness.
Taylor Kauffman joins us live from the Civic Center with Rapid City Stevens' Athletic Director Jared Vasquez.

Hi Jamie, I'm back here at the Barnett Arena for the last game of the night. Aberdeen Central beat Pierre and will head to the Championship game tomorrow.

I'm here with Rapid City Stevens Athletic Director, Jared Vasquez... Jared, It's been a long weekend filled with basketball - how crazy has it been here at the Civic Center over the last couple days?

This is the second year that the boys and girls have had State on the same weekend, the first year in Rapid City, what feedback have you heard about that scheduling?

How nice is it for area teams to be able to play here in Rapid City, what kind of turn out have you seen in the stands for our area teams?

Thanks so much, Jared.
Both Rapid City Stevens teams are playing in the consolation games tomorrow - the Lady Raiders will take the court at 10am, and the boys will follow that at 11:45. Live from the Class AA State Tournament, I'm Taylor Kauffman. Jamie, back to you.