Live preview with Stevens Head Coach Chris Stoebner

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The Stevens boys' are set to make their tournament run later Thursday.

Taylor Kauffman joins us live from the Civic Center Ice Arena with Raiders head coach Chris Stoebner, previewing tonight's action, Taylor?

Thanks Jamie, I'm here at the Ice Arena ahead of Rapid City Stevens boys game against 6-seed Pierre. I'm here with Raiders head coach, Chris Stoebner. Coach, what are you expecting to see from the Governors tonight?

You have 6 seniors on your team, with Mason Archambault and Jacob Martin playing strong all season. What do you expect from those two tonight?

What's been the the motto for this team heading into the State Tournament?

What does it mean to your boys to be fighting for a State Title here in Rapid City?

Thanks so much coach. The Rapid City Stevens boys are set to take on the Pierre Governors at 7:00 tonight. From the Civic Center, I'm Taylor Kauffman. Back to you, Jamie.