Lady Thorpes power to LNI quarterfinals

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Out to the Barnett Arena we go.
We'll start things off with Lower Brule, Maleighya Estes jukes left then turns right where she'll hit.
The Lady Thorpes leading in the first half by 7, at this point and looking for more, Duke Thompson pitches it over to Katerri Weston for the big three.
Later, more from the Lady Thorpes, Weston feeds Samantha Richard, and she'll finish with the two in transition.
Waning moments of the first half, Taysha Big Crow picks off the pass, then gets it up ahead to Weston. She'll streak toward the bucket and bounces home the two at the buzzer.
Onto the 2nd half of play, and Pine Ridge pulls away, Matilda Anderson takes the feed and goes strong to the rack for the basket and foul.
Pine Ridge rolls in the second half. Final Score 62 to 35.