Lady Cavaliers push past Scoopers

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Earlier in the evening, the Scoopers and Cavaliers to work.
Cavs up 31-to-18 at the half.
Sturgis making a charge, Donni Bruch into the paint picks up the two.
STM counters, Aislinn Duffy to Alex Kandolin for the three.
Back over to the scoopers, Loralee Stock down to Olivia Jolley who gets a step and finishes close to the bucket.
STM, Natasha Swedlund to Klaire Kirsch for the jumper from the elbow.
STM again, Jayden Bies works into the paint and swings it up and in with the left.
Sturgis battling Stock kick to Brook Janz for three.
Final Score 63 to 37.