Jake Sullivan and Hardrockers football team prep for upcoming season

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Jake Sullivan says, ' First goal is to make the playoffs, win the conference.'

Zach Tinker says,'Last season proved to us that we can get in these games. We can play with the better teams in the conference. We can beat them at times as evident by the win over Colorado Mines last year.'

The Hardrockers are in the middle of spring ball and Jake Sullivan knows this is his last go of playing football in his hometown.

Sullivan says, ' When you come into your senior season you want to leave it all our there, that's my biggest thing too not hold anything back.'

Tinker says, ' He understands what the expectations are of a star player. There are lots of pressure on a star player who's from home and is playing at home in college. He's handling that pressure as well as anyone could possibly imagine.'

Sullivan stared at Saint Thomas More where he played under his father and learned from an early age what it took to be a leader.

Tinker says, ' I think he comes from a background and a family with Wayne where the whole family is competitive from top to bottom whatever they are doing they are trying to win which I like.'

Now at the NCAA level Sullivan again stars in system that was built for him to succeed

Sullivan says, 'It's awesome, it is so fun to me. Its like being a little 5th grader on the playground playing around with your friends. Kind of play what I see, that's nice for me. I can adjust if a defense adjusts and I can just go out there and have fun.'

Tinker says, ' In our system having a dual threat QB is important. That's Jake, he can certainly distribute it. He's great at doing that. But certainly when everyone is covered and things don't look great he can do some pretty neat stuff with the ball in his hands and that helps us.'

Now the leader of the Rockers is not just looked up to on the field, but also serves a bigger role for his younger teammates

Sullivan says 'That's the thing I've been trying to do as of late, is be the grandfather of the group the Dad. Making smart decisions and being a leader off the field as well.'

And part of being a leader QB1 has shown the other players that it's not just what you do on Saturday's

Sullivan says, ' I like being a role model, making the right decisions off the field. That's really important because if you want to be successful on Saturday you have to make the right choices the 6 days before.'
Good luck to Jake Sullivan and the rest of the Hardrockers on this upcoming season. For Black Hills Fox Sports, I'm Jeff Voss.