Iverson takes the helm at Central

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The Central Cobblers kick off their 20-17 high school football season Friday night on the road against Sioux Falls Lincoln, and the Cobblers are hoping, with a new man at the wheel, success is just around the corner.

The Cobblers are now handing over the reins of the program to a man who's waited in the wings for 25 years... longtime assistant coach Erik Iverson.

Iverson says, 'Assistant coaches always have the answer until they become the head coach. So, I've had these ideas coming at me for a while. So it's time to put my stamp on it.'
Iverson believes having seen the good years and the bad gives him a unique ability to lead the club.
Iverson says, 'The years that we had success, I can tell 'em what was different from the years that we didn't have success.'
He's familiar with the players.

Carter says, 'We've all had him as teacher, well, most of us. So, we know him pretty well. Everyone likes him, like what we've got going on. It's just been really good.'
But with any major change, there's a period of adjustment in both attitude...
Carter says, 'He's been real clear to us, kind of what he expects, and what we should expect from him and from each other.'
And approach...
Ty says, 'Been running the same thing the last two years. Now ya gotta kick everything out, bring something new in, so, it's kind of different, and we'll have to get used to that.'

But sometimes, that's not a bad thing.
Ty says, 'Oh, he's putting a lot of trust into us, because we've got to make sure the younger guys are getting what they need to get. And he knows that we're trying to learn at the same pace as everyone else.'
Iverson says, 'They've really bought into the idea of the brotherhood of being there for one another, as opposed to, maybe more individual.'
And it all comes to a head Friday night against Sioux Falls Lincoln.
Iverson says, 'I think we're ready to go. The boys are excited, we're tired of beating on each other, I know that's for sure.'
Carter says, 'Oh yeah, it's been a long wait. We're kind of tired of hitting on each other. We're ready to go out there and hit someone else.'>