Idaho sweeps Rush in final meeting of the season

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - We are at the tail end for the Rapid City Rush's Hockey season and the Rush had a tough road trip against the Idaho Steelheads. The Rush headed to Idaho last week and and struggled against the number two team in the mountain division.

Even though the Rush won't be in the playoffs, the team is trying to play spoiler to finish out these last few games with wins. However the Idaho Steelheads refused to let the Rush rain on their parade.
Which brings us to this week's Sunday's Slap Shot.

1.) Lets take it back to last night's game
The Steelheads already had 2 wins against the Rush this series.And that was Will Merchant getting the puck in the net pass Christian Fry to take Idaho up 1 nothing.

2.) Rush looking to answer, off the face off and it's Peter Sivak right off the draw and is able to tie the game.

3.) From the high slot it's Idaho's Eric Sweetman with the wrist shot for the score and Corbin Baldwin is credited for the assist, Stealheads up two one in the second period

4.) Steelheads in a two on one with Right Wing Cole Uly and Jefferson Dahl, Ully fires and scores...Ully beats fry with the over the shoulder and Idaho extends its lead 3 to one in the second period .

5.) Rush fighting to stay alive and it's Peter Sivak with a nice backhand feed out the right wing corner to Andrew Radjenovic and he scores. Radjenovic beats Thomas Sholl, bringing the rush within one in the third period.