Hill City and Edgemont serve up some volleyball action

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Off to a 1-and-3 start to the high school season, the Hill City Rangers are a young ball club with a bright future. But the Lady Rangers are hoping to speed up the process, and hit the court Tuesday tonight against Edgemont.
Out to Hill City for the first set of play.

Edgemont gets things started, Maddie Peterson hammers the runner off the block and down for the point.

Hill City bounces back, Lydia Raderschadt rises up and takes the steep angle to keep this one just inside the line.

More from Hill city and more from Raderschadt who rips it right down the pipe for the point.

Edgemont steals some of the momentum, the feed to Peterson who delivers into the open court.

More from the Lady Moguls, as Peterson delivers once again, hammers it into the net, but it dances on the net cord and falls over the Edgemont point.