Harney stuns Belle Fourche to advance to the sub-district championship

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In the 'A' bracket, Harney taking on Belle Fource. Scoreless in the bottom of the 1st.
Harney with runners on the corners, as Sam Mortemer sends the pitch to right center field. Connor Adams scores to put Harney in the lead, 1-0, setting the pace for this game early.

More from Harney as power hitter, Zeke Farlee sends the ball flying out to right field. It's outta there. A huge 3-run homer for Zeke. Mortemer, and Arell Lopez cross the plate. Harney extends its lead to 4.

And the All Stars aren't done yet. Kolton Darrow at the plate, he threads the needle to left field, scoring Luke Peterson to keep the momentum going.

Now, 7-0 Harney in the bottom of the 2nd. Sam Mortemer at the plate again, and he sends the pitch deep to the right field wall. Isaac Phillips scores on the RBI triple, and the All Stars take the 8-0 lead.

Harney with the gas pedal to the floor. Arell Lopez sends the ball over the head of short, and scores Mortemer.
Harney wins big, 14-1 to advance to the championship game Sunday.