Hardrockers get overtime win over Adams State

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In RMAC soccer action, the Hardrockers hosted Adams State.
Justin Barkow finds the open shot and fires, but Pablo Fernandez takes the bullet for the Grizzlies. This game remains scoreless in the first half.

The Mines keeping the pressure. Senior mid David Pineda takes the shot from the left side, but the 6-foot-3 goalie, Austin Baumeister stretches out for the save.

The junior Jack Seifert did his part in the net for the Mines as he gets the save on the mid-range shot from Dylan Udero.

Still no score in the first half. The Hardrockers working the ball at their end. Brandon Lind moving the ball like he's the only one out there - he finds the open shot through two Grizzlies, and the 6'3" green giant. The ball flies into the top left corner for the goal. Let's take another look at this! Lind threads the needle with this one. Adams State tied the game in the 2nd half, but the Hardrockers got the win in overtime. 2-1 the final score.