Hardrockers fall to Westminster after double overtime

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Thirteen games down, and five games left - the South Dakota Mines soccer team is having its best season in school history. Sunday, the Hardrockers squared up against Westminster College.

The last time these teams squared up Westminster took home the 3-1 win. This time, the Hardrockers had home-field advantage and the first half was pretty even.
Westminster trying to get something cooking here, Griffins' Danny Darelli runs into Kyle Daledovich going toward the goal. He stays down for awhile and Daledovich gets the save.

Still scoreless as we start the 2nd quarter, the Hardrockers come out with some intensity - David Pineda on the corner kick, and Justin Barkow tries to header it in, but just misses to the right.

Shortly after, the South Dakota Mines keep the pressure, Barkow lines up on the penalty kick, and nets the goal. The Hardrockers take the 1-nothing lead.

But that lead doesn't last long. Westminster's Alec Marshall lines up for another penalty kill inside the box, and nets the goal to tie the game. This one would go to two overtimes, and Westminster takes the win, 2-1.