Fargo ends Harney's run in Little League District tournament

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In more Saturday Little League action, Harney trailing Fargo, 1-nothing in the top of the 2nd inning. Harney's Kolton Darrow deals to Cameron Bullinger. He grounds up to 2nd, and is safe at 1st, bringing home an RBI as Aiden Knodel scores.

Shun-Zi White Woman now pitching for Harney, Fargo with 1 out and 2 on. Cole Hebl sends the pitch deep to the right field fence, and in rounds Cameron Bullinger and Landon Dauner on the 2RBI triple to put Fargo in the 4-run lead.

Andrew Dullum up next for North Dakota. He sends the ball the same direction. Cole Hebl and Ashton Yaeger come in to score to keep this Fargo momentum going.

White Woman lets this pitch get away from him. The Harney catcher looks for the out at third, but the throw is off, and Carter Carlson comes in to score.

It was a tough first couple of innings for Harney, and the South Dakota All Stars weren't able to come back as Fargo took home the win, 11-1 the final score.